Limits for Purchases of IHSS Products

Standard Humic and Fulvic Acids
Catalog NumberDescriptionLimits Units
2S101HSuwannee River Humic Acid Standard II (100 mg)10
1S101FSuwannee River Fulvic Acid Standard I (100 mg)30
2S101FSuwannee River Fulvic Acid Standard II (100 mg)30
1S102HElliott Soil Humic Acid Standard (100 mg)20
3S102FElliott Soil Fulvic Acid Standard II (100 mg)5
1S103HFlorida Peat Humic Acid Standard (100 mg)30
2S103FFlorida Peat Fulvic Acid Standard II (100 mg)10
1S104HLeonardite Humic Acid Standard (100 mg)150
Reference Humic and Fulvic Acids
Catalog NumberDescriptionLimits Units
1R103HFlorida Peat Humic Acid Reference (100 mg)40
1R103H-2Florida Peat Humic Acid Reference (2 g)2
1R105HNordic Aquatic Humic Acid Reference (100 mg)10
1R105FNordic Aquatic Fulvic Acid Reference (100 mg)30
1R107HWaskish Peat Humic Acid Reference (100 mg)5
1R109FPony Lake (Antarctica) Fulvic Acid Reference (100 mg)20
Reference Aquatic NOM
Catalog NumberDescriptionLimits Units
2R101NSuwannee River NOM (RO isolation) (100 mg)40
1R108NNordic Reservoir NOM (RO isolation) (100 mg)20
Bulk Solid Sources of HA and FA
Catalog NumberDescriptionLimits Units
1BS102MElliott Silt Loam Soil (500 g)2
2BS103PPahokee (Florida) Peat Soil (250 g)2
1BS104LGascoyne Leonardite (500 g)2