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How to Purchase IHSS Products
and Terms of Sale

  • No telephone orders.
  • All listed products are available. Please do not call to ask about availability.
  • We prefer prepayment by credit card. All credit card sales must be done online. We do not have an approved way of handling credit card information in our office. The IHSS Website uses the secure server at to authorize and process credit card transactions. We only accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Go to: Order IHSS Samples Online
  • Methods of shipping. Within the US and Canada we normally ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail. When requested we can ship via Federal Express (FedEx); either FedEx 2nd Day or FedEx Standard Overnight. For international customers we ship by US Postal Service Priority Mail (6 - 10 business days) or Express Mail (3 - 5 business days). Also we can ship by FedEx Express International Economy (3 - 7 days) or International Priority (2 - 5 days).
  • Purchase orders. We accept purchase orders (payment 30 days) submitted by fax or e-mail. We confirm shipment, but only if an email address is included. Minimum purchase order is $50. We prefer payment by paper check rather than bank-to-bank wire transfer. If you must pay by bank-to-bank transfer we will add $50 to cover the bank fees.
  • Restrictions on quantities sold to a customer. IHSS standard humic and fulvic acids were originally intended to be used by researchers as a means of comparing laboratory techniques. In order to allow for the use of our materials by the maximum number of laboratories we set annual limits on purchases of our products. A limit of one gram is applied to the Suwannee River Humic Acid and Peat Fulvic Acid Standards and 0.5 grams to the Elliot Soil Fulvic Acid Standard. Higher limits apply to the other Standard and Reference samples. These limits are shown on the purchase limits page. No orders of over $2500 for delivery outside the USA. IHSS does not have the required export permit.
  • Order processing time. We normally process your order within 4 business days.
  • Payment by check. We accept payment by paper check in US dollars. Make payment to the International Humic Substances Society and send to:

IHSS Accounts Receivable
1991 Upper Buford Circle, Rm 439
St. Paul MN 55108

  • Terms of Sale. Title to products passes from the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) to the Customer on shipment from the IHSS office in St. Paul MN, USA. IHSS is not responsible for import duties and taxes. No sales tax is charged, except for shipment to customers in the State of Minnesota, USA. For more details see the Terms of Sale page.

IHSS is a Non Profit Corporation. We are registered in the State of Colorado, USA. TAX ID No. 41-1764948. DUNS 02-365-4804

Customer Service Contact

International Humic Substances Society
1991 Upper Buford Circle, Rm 439
St. Paul MN 55108
Phone/Fax: +1 (612) 626-1204


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Customer Service

International Humic Substances Society
1991 Upper Buford Circle, Rm 439
St. Paul MN 55108 USA
Phone/Fax: +1 (612) 626-1204


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